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Camp Projects

If you would like to donate materials for a project, choose the 'Sponsor This Project!' button and you will be given an option to support the project financially or through donation of material.

When partial donations are received, the Estimated Cost will also reflect a "Still Needed" amount.


If you are interested in donating your skills and labor toward these projects or if you would like more information before sponsoring, please use our contact form​ or give us a call.

The Slide!

A feature attraction at the camp is the

160ft-long slide! 

Sadly, we are unable to use it unless we reinforce the frame. We have an engineering study completed and know what needs to be done, but we don't have the funds.

Materials Needed:

Lumber, Hardware, Plastic Sheeting

Estimated Cost: $6,000


Bunk Mattresses

We have 102 bunk mattresses and they have served us well, but for the comfort of our guests we would love to replace them.

If you would be willing to sponsor mattress replacements, please click on the sponsorship button.

Materials Needed:

102 bunk-size single mattresses

Estimated Cost: $15,000


Bridge Railings & Surfaces

All 3 of our bridges need new railings and the vehicle bridge needs new surface wood.

Materials Needed:

Lumber, Hardware

Estimated Cost: $2,000


Lawn Aerator

Our lawn areas get a LOT of foot traffic throughout the season and could really use regular aeration to recover and keep the grounds looking beautiful.

If you know of a used tow-behind aerator that is in good condition

Materials Needed:

Tow-behind lawn aerator in good condition.

Estimated Cost: $300 (new)



Most of the benches around camp are severely weathered and falling apart.

We need to build at least 7 more so our guests have places to relax comfortably throughout the property.

Materials Needed:

Lumber & Hardware

Estimated Cost: $1,000

Still Needed: $400


Camp Signage

The signs that we do have around camp are falling apart, but we also need some additional signs so our guests know where to find things and what direction to go!

Materials Needed:

Weather-resistant sign materials

Estimated Cost: $


Backup Water Pump

We have 2 pumps that support the water system. One is much older than the other and beginning to show some signs of wear. When a pump fails it puts certain areas of the camp out of water service and there can be a significant lead time to get a new one. Because of the critical nature of water service, we would like to purchase one in advance so we are prepared and do not inconvenience our guests.

Materials Needed:

Water pump

Estimated Cost: $


Electrical & Plumbing Improvements in the kitchen

Our kitchen staff works so hard during the camp season and there are some recurring issues that they have learned to work around, but we'd really like to give them a permanent solution.

In order to accomplish that, we need some re-wiring of circuits to accommodate the appliances and a water pressure tank installation.

Trade Skills Needed:

Electrician, Plumber

Estimated Cost: $


Cabin Doors & Locks

Almost all of the 16 doors that are in the cabins require some form of repair or complete replacement.

Frames and thresholds are damaged and some doors are not opening and closing consistently. 

Many of the doorknobs and/or locks are not functioning correctly.

Materials Needed:

Doors, Lumber, Thresholds, Doorknobs

Estimated Cost: $4,500


Bunkbed Frames

All of our bunkbed frames were handcrafted and they've held up well for more than 20 years, but they are getting wobbly. There are limited options for reinforcing them without comprising their appearance to an unacceptable level.

It's time to begin replacing them.

Materials Needed:

51 bunkbed frames

(102 total sleeping spaces)

Estimated Cost: $


Bonfire & Chapel Seating

The bench seating at both the outdoor chapel and the bonfire area is rotting. Many of the boards or logs have already split and need to be replaced.

Materials Needed:

Lumber, Hardware

Estimated Cost: $



Camp maintenance includes a number of activities that could benefit greatly from the use of a UTV with a small dump bed and a snow plow attachment.

Everything from hauling the garbage cans down to the dumpster to moving brush to the burn pile and keeping egress clear during snow season would be done so much more efficiently with a UTV.

If you know of anyone willing to donate a used UTV that is in working condition, we would LOVE to hear about it!

Materials Needed:

UTV with dump bed & snow plow attachment

Estimated Cost: $6,000 (used)


Miniature Golf Curb Repair & Greens Resurfacing

Several of the curbs around the mini golf course are crumbling and some of the greens need to be replaced.

This is a popular activity area during the camp season and we would love to keep it maintained for all the enjoyment it brings.

Materials Needed:

Concrete, turf

Estimated Cost: $


Concrete Patios & Walkways

We have some entryways and walkways that are not completed. We need to pour 2 patio steps (and install awnings over the top of them) and extend the walkway behind the cabins that leads to the bathhouse.

Materials Needed:

Concrete, lumber, roofing shingles

Estimated Cost: $


Restoration of the Fire Hose Game

We used to have a game that was great fun and no one stayed dry! It's called Fire Hose Water Ball and each team tries to push the ball over to the other team's side using water pressure.

One of the trees that was supporting the line fell over during the winter and we'd like to restore this game, but with some metal stands at each end instead of using the trees.

Materials Needed:

Estimated Cost: $

water ball.jpg

Extra Everything for Campers

So many of our campers have additional needs for supplies for one reason or another and we really want every one of them to feel loved and provided for and just have a wonderful camp experience.

We would love to stock extra sleeping bags, pillows, clothing, toiletries, etc.

Materials Needed:

All things that campers need for overnight camps

Estimated Cost: $

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